Opinion: Sony TGS - Don't Bring a PowerPoint to a games show

Dear Sony,

Well done for boring the socks of an entire industry. I'm not talking about the games, although there's a slight air of could-have-done-better (not so many remakes) about them. But for 90+ minutes you  managed to sap the excitement, enthusiasm and life out of your presentation.

And that's the problem, you dragged out a corporate presentation to a party... spending half the time demoing social features and TV services that are about 3% of your user's time is a waste of that time. Similarly, games are living breathing beasts, we don't go "ooh" over a logo any more, gamers and gaming journalists want to see high impact live footage from the games themselves, even rendered trailers are pretty much a sin now in the HD era.

Fix it for next time please!