Insights into WipEout 2048 from GamesCom

AverageGamer had an interview with the WipEout 2048 developers at GamesCom last month and discusses some of the changes to the game including how the shield works, voice-activated weapons launches and the social features seen in Near.

We are doing a couple of things with Near. One of the cool things we do with our unlock system you can view your ships with augmented reality so there is a museum of collectables that you can see in AR. You will be able to gift them through Near so you will be able to unlock stuff for other players. You will be also able to set race challenges

Technically, there are some interesting details on the tech in the game:

[Vita] doesn’t necessarily have the polygon throughput of the PS3 but then you have a lot of stuff you can do with the shaders and even the anti-aliasing on the shadows is a lot better and more efficient to do on PS Vita as well. 
Please read the full interview for all the details, such as the photo mode which I loved in WipEout Pulse. You can also check out the latest in-game videos here.