TGS Day 1: All the new PS Vita pics and videos

Wow - this is post no. 750, who would have thought you could write so much about a console not even out yet (backed up by the good old PSP, some XperiaPlay and a little Tablet commentary). If that's not worth you clicking on an advert, I don't know what is.

After the explosion of titles yesterday, there was a decent amount of media (check out yesterday's shots here). Today things look much better with an armada of new screens and video, all on one page, just as nature intended. (Click a pic to enlarge and enter slideshow mode). Videos are down the bottom of the page.

Ridge Racer Screenshots: Isn't it beautiful? This is what I've been waiting all week to see and well worth the wait, from my slightly biased opinion.

RIDGE RACER TRAILER: No gameplay, but seems to indicate lots of multiplayer (check out the new official site)

f1 2011 screens, (trailer down the bottom)

So, first up is the new Katamari Damarcy

Next up, a bunch of Army Corps of Hell shots from Square EnixL


TRAILER TIME - I have no idea why they are putting PSV games in these silly PSP-type video windows, the res is high enough to show them off full screen.

Gravity Daze

Lord of Apocalypse (Square)

F1 2011 (Codemasters - there are a few gameplay videos popping up for this, will try and upload them)

Ragnarok Odyssey

Ashphalt Injection

Little King's Story

 Tales of Innocence R

 The new Ys title

AR Combat