Xperia Play Prices Plunging

In the wake of the 3DS price cuts, the phone cum mini PlayStation Xperia Play is also seeing massive reductions with around £150-£200 off the original unlocked price from various UK retailers. While the list of games for it gradually increases there has been nothing like the momentum that a device like this needs to distinguish itself from other smartphones and the controllers, while neat, must only be having a niche appeal.

Online stores like Expansys and Play have it on offer around the £289-299 mark. 

I've had a bit of a go on the Xperia Play and while it is fun, there is little doubt that it's looking more and more like a lost little orphan among the big hitters of the smartphone world. Either Sony needs to get a move on with PlayStation Suite or things will start to look grim, unless there's an Xperia Play 2 in the pipe with a full library of PS2 games to play.