Back off Holiday, Just in Time for GamesCom

Looks like I picked a good week to go on holiday, as the biggest PSP story was about some poor kid being mugged for his Sony handheld in  London during the riots, happily Sony have offered him a replacement but surely its only fair that they offer him a Vita too.

Now I'm all calm about a PS Vita release in 2012, I'm only interested in any new games that Sony has to announce at GamesCom this week and to see its plans to string out the PSP with only a smattering of games on the schedule. The new Madden PSP bundle in the States is the first step, but one that will only see it through the start of the NFL season - what will Sony offer European gamers?

On the games front, I have a load of minis to play through including OMG-Z which got some good press while I was out and Hysteria Project 2 which I'm downloading now (after a rather minimal looking firmware 6.60 update). It does seem a shame that these security updates are getting hacked almost as soon as they're out the door - what's the point of insecure security updates?

As my rather cacky posts from my phone last week showed, there's plenty of cool new stuff still heading to Japan - just have to hope for western releases on that lot. Over the last couple of weeks, the latest J-League football game and the cutesy Monster Hunter spin off sell over 110,000 copies on launch in  Japan, so there's no end in sight to the East's PSP gold rush. Anyway, good luck to everyone heading to GamesCom and let the news-fest commence!