Xperia Play on Sale for $100 at Verizon, Successor Phone on the Way?

US gamers who need some PlayStation action or just want Android games that they can actually control can now pick up the Xperia Play for just $100 down from $150 on a contract. The deal is classed as a back-to-school offer but may be the start a trend to make what is basically a mid-range phone cum gaming device less pricey than hardcore smartphones.

Having been playing with one for a week, it does make a fine games machine and there are now plenty of Android games tweaked for its buttons. Its only the Sony side letting things down just a few games added recently to bolster a limp line-up.

If Sony gets a move on, there is time to make the Play a real star, or is Sony/Sony Ericsson marking time for a more powerful successor phone that can play PSP/PS2 games which will have more relevance to the modern gamer? Its not a mad an idea as it sounds with many smartphones getting six month refreshes and this device was first announced last year.