Vita is Sony's Most Developer-Friendly Platform Yet

At the Develop 2011 conference in Brighton, Sony execs are taking it in turns to line up and say how "challenging" its previous consoles were to develop for. Recognising that the world has moved on from hyper-complex hardware and pipes to an "it just works" philosophy.

In a Develop Mag article, Sony says; “In terms of smoothing the development process, certainly what the Vita offers is close to that of the PSP, and with some of the help we’re giving to developers, I would say it is the easiest and most well supported platform yet."

“In terms of performance, and the graphics power and programmable shaders and so on, what you can get out of it is far closer to PS3. It’s a great contrast of ease of development to the output you get from the system.”

Which all bodes well for lots of titles that are developed for players to play, and not just as an engineering challenge.