There May, One Day, Be a 3D PS Vita

Talking at Develop, Sony's Mick Hocking mentioned that the company may be up for a 3D version of its handheld console at some point. With Nintendo's 3DS a proof-of-concept (I like it, but not sure how long I'd play it in 3D mode for) Sony has time to improve and refine the technology for its own handheld. Its a good in-depth read on the whole 3D market, so please take a look, but here's the Vita-sentials

Is the PS Vita a good candidate for 3D?
As you know our purpose at Sony is to build the world’s most awesome handheld games machine, and I think the focus – right now at least – is to build the most capable handheld games machine on the market.
Of course in the future we may look to build the 3D experience on a handheld. The tech is rapidly evolving, so we may well in the future include a high-quality 3D experience on the small screens. Whether this comes to Vita will have to be seen.

The big question would have to be would it come as a second generation Vita in a couple of years or would Sony wait the full lifetime of the Vita before adding this to a proper sequel... interesting idea to kick around but definitely one for the future. Would you be interested in a 3D Sony handheld? Have you tried the 3DS and what do you think.