MMOs Likely To Thrive on Sony Vita? As Final Fantasy XI Looms

With the peculiar news that the Final Fantasy XI MMO may be ported over to the PS Vita, it makes you wonder what else we could get? World of Warcraft is the daddy of all MMOs, but with plenty of MMOs going free-to-play in the PC space, there are dozens of fee or paid games out there that could find a new home on the handheld.

Anarchy Online is 10 years old and one of my favourites that I've gone back to a number of times.

EVE Online  offers a whole universe to explore with huge spacecraft and empire building at the heart of your mission.

World of Tanks puts you in charge of a tracked big guns and other armoured vehicles in hectic close combat.

Lord of the Rings Online Since most RPGs are based on Tolkeinesque lands, why not go straight to the original? Expensive, but a great realm.

Any of these and the many other PC MMOs could be easily ported (FFXI is a PC-based title) to the Vita and could throw open new avenues where you could game on one format, then carry on playing on another.

The biggest problem for the Vita is that most of these games are multi-GB downloads to start with endless patches appearing week after week and that alone could easily swamp the Vita's storage. Then, there's the consistent barrage of net data coming in which would limit how big worlds could be due to the Vita's limited internal memory (PCs can reserve acres of memory for this data).

That makes it more likely that ground-up Vita MMOs would be the way forward as they can be tailored to the console's strengths.