Hysteria Project 2 Screaming Its Way on to PSP

Sanuk have regaled the PSP with a number of fun minis recently and the run continues with Hysteria Project 2, due for release on August 10. The game continues where the first episode ended, you wake up on a hospital bed and discover that you have a new tattoo on your arm.

With a frantic succession of filmed sequences, puzzles to solve, 360° scenes with clues to find, and life-critical threats where quick, decisive action is required, HYSTERIA PROJECT 2 takes you on a hardcore ride through laser fields, corridors of flames, and the untidy premises of an abandoned medical facility. Feel the fear from your character's rapid breathing while descending into the heart of hell!

For just a couple of pounds/euros/dollars, this looks a cut above most minis and with its adult themes is decidedly more scary than most. It might be simple in terms of gameplay, but still looking forward to it.