Final Fantasy Type-0 Directors Interviewed, Vita Version Inevitable?

How do developers have time to make games when they're always at trade shows, developer conferences, being badgered by the press etc.? In the very final stages of coding the awesome looking Type-0, its creators,  Hajime Tabata and Yusuke Naora, have been interviewed by Dengeki, which has been handily translated by Andriasang.

You can read the full thing here, but here's a couple of choice quotes.

On Multiplayer Play
Here's a bit about how the game's multiplayer component will work. As previously detailed, Type-0 isn't played multiplayer for extended periods. Instead, other players come into your game to assist briefly during battle.
On the Main Map
You're free to roam the game's world map even when you're not taking on a mission. If you encounter a monster, you'll get into a battle. The world map is full of play elements, Tabata noted. There's an RTS (real time strategy) component, for instance.
With a release due soon in Japan, you have to wonder if they will bother with a western release on the PSP, or just rip this over to the Vita where it will receive a far more enthusiastic response. Square games do take a while because of the vast amount of dialogue (and this is a dual-UMD game) so a western release could be well in to 2012.