Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death PSP Interview

With the Fighting Fantasy book heading to PSP as a mini, publisher Laughing Jackal has put up part one interview with series creator Steve Jackson to rake over some of the coals of this legendary series.

LJ: Talisman of Death was one of the most controversial books in the series. Why was this?
SJ: During the mid-80s, Fighting Fantasy was in its prime. At one point we had the top 3 positions in the Sunday Times best-seller chart. Inevitably there were going to be critics. Sure enough, the series became viewed by some religious groups as the work of the devil. A group called the Evangelical Alliance appeared in the media protesting publicly about the appearance of Gods, Devils, Demons etc in Fighting Fantasy.
The game itself will be available in August and will bring a tear to the nostalgic eye of older gamers and could bring the series to a whole new generation who think of books as funny looking dust traps. Look out for Part 2 of the interview next week, plus a trailer, which should one of gaming's more placid affairs, unless they get Brian Blessed to do the voice over.