Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Hits for Xperia Play

Having just got hold of an Xperia Play, expect a fair bit more games news for it. Like this gem from Droid Gamers who found an Xperia Play exclusive of Battlefield Bad Company 2 hiding on EA's own Flexion store.

The site is just spinning around on my XP right now, so guess the game isn't available outside the States, but will keep trying. A short while later... I get a Download button, you click it and the game starts downloading with no mention of price, file size or anything - the EA Flexion store really is appalling presented.

Having found the file I just downloaded, then accepted a load of T&Cs for a 60 minute free trial, I then need to download the 320Mb main game file... none of which is conducive to user-friendly gaming experience. This really is stupidly complex for something as simple as playing a game.

Once it is installed and running... things look pretty impressive but as this is the first game I've played which uses the thumb pads, it'll take some getting used to. More on the game soon. The store... that gets a big thumbs down.