Vita's Silent Hill has Multiplayer Focus, what next? Silent Hill Karts

Silent Hill, a game where the general premise is that one man wanders around towns, shooting ghouls and investigating. So, how on Earth is Konami going to turn that idea into a multiplayer game, on a handheld? Sounds like a franchise creep to me, next it'll be Silent Hill Karts!

The concept doesn't sound any better since, according to an quotes from SH: Downpour developer Tom Hulett with Joystiq and Kotaku, the feature was planned for Silent Hill: Downpour and dumped. Only to be resurrected for Book of Memories. If it didn't work first time, generally cocking about with it usually doesn't make it better.

So, we could have a stroke of genius hiding in the shadows, some freaky co-op adventure (which will be fine as long as its not about always having to open doors or spring traps for each other), or Konami is losing the plot slightly. Either way, this is one game to watch with interest and also means Konami really should bring one of the classic Silent Hill titles across to Vita, just to keep the die-hards happy!