New Jap PSP Girly-Photo-Op Bundle, AKB1/48

The ever-popular Japanese photography games continue their weary way in Japan with the new AKB1/48 game (the site went live over the weekend, with some bare info, but should get more, um, lively, over the coming weeks). UPDATE - Full info from a press day with photos on Dengeki,

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now with video:

It is set on the lovely island of Guam with lots of even lovelier ladies to photograph in bikinis and other attire, with a couple of versions of the game available. The point of interest for the rest of the world is the new PSP bundle:

I'm not too sure why its a pink PSP, surely the target audience is Japanese lads who want the "being there" photo-op girlfriend experience, but who are we to judge? There's loads of extras in the pack with what looks like cards, cards and more cards.