Invizimals Gets a Third Game

Having just been discussing developer Novarama's new affiliation with the PS Vita, the company has just announced a third Invizimals game for the PSP. Invizimals The Lost Tribes

From the release... The story will pick up from where Invizimals Shadow Zone left off, with you as the Hero trying to find Keni after he disappeared into the Shadow Zone or if you’re new to the franchise, the game will allow you to begin a new adventure with Jasmin, Alex and the gang.

This time around there will be 150 Invizimals, the most creatures we’ve ever had on an Invizimals title, with 70 brand new Invizimals and 80 of the community’s favourite Invizimals from the previous titles for you to capture, train, customise and battle.

Also, due to popular demand, Novarama have included an awesome new Tag Team Battle mode, enabling you to fight 2 v 2 Invizimals, allowing for even more dynamic battles and tactical gameplay than ever before.