Details Emerge on the PSV's Development, Interesting Reading...

Sony's execs have been explaining the development process (Japanese text) that led to the creation of the PSVita and, while the translated text was rather scary, some useful details have come out:

  • Development started in Spring 2009
  • Had a fixed price point of 25,000Yen (PSPs currently sell for around 15,000)
  • Rear touch panel was initially rejected for cost
  • Needed mainstream development tools and be easier to develop for
  • More focus on PSP and PS3 titles to fit on Vita
  • May be more tweaks to the console styling, button placement

So, it looks like Sony has learned from the problems with the PSP and PSPGo, all it needs to do now is get the beast on the shelves, quickly please! But, if final design approval hasn't happened and production hasn't started yet, its not coming anytime earlier than Nov/Dec at a push.