A Challenge to Sony on Behalf of Games Devs

Right, come on then Sony, lets see if you're really into the mindset of the modern gamer! If you're listening to the social media and if you're really after new talent! I've been playing SplitMilkStudio's Hard Lines today. It's a natural gamer's game (combining classic game play with a modern sense of character and humour that belies the dinky pixels).

It has been picking up rave reviews and I tweeted the company to see if there was a Vita version in the works. The reply from SpiltMilk's twitter is pretty much a challenge to Sony when it comes to bringing new games and talent into the Vita world:

 oh man, if only! :D If you know anyone from who could set us up with a devkit, feel free to point them at us & 

So, come on Sony, I guess dev kits are pretty scarce right around now, but how about finding one spare somewhere and getting some new and funky games going for the Vita launch. Hard Lines would work perfectly with the rear touch panel, or even just a plain old stick.