Yay! Found a new Xperia Play Game: Backbreaker 2: Vengeance

Having pleaded for some news on new Xperia Play games, we've found one. Meet Backbreaker 2 from Natural Motion (developers of the Euphoria engine), an American football game that isn't hamstrung by the license, making it a far more tasty affair. Its also a perfectly timed game for the American launch, although it might not tear players away from Madden 11, its at least something a little different for everyone else.

With an emphasis on crunching tackles and monster blocks, its a lively looking affair. The game is currently an Xperia Play exclusive and is based on an iPhone original title. Any Xperia Play owners can pick it up here, its a 28Mb download and costs $2.99 (around £1.84).