Xperia Play to get Android Update

Android version 2.3.3 isn't a huge update but it does add some fun new bits to the Xperia Play. Offering better Facebook integration, it lets users do their photo uploading and liking of music and links with a little more finesse.

There are also security updates and fixes, but it looks like gamers will have to wait until E3 to hear anything about new games or gaming services. The update will hit next week, probably the same time of the US launch.

I'm still betting my ass that Xperia Play 2 will be announced later this year and offer a PlayStation 2 games library, either in to buy or rental form, the power is there in the processors to handle it and the PSOne library seems to have run into a dead end. Which will come as a shame to those Americans who can only buy the phone Mk. 1 phone from next week.