Sony's PlayStation Sites to Get Hacked This Weekend

Welcome to Infowar, folks! According to CNET, the hackers responsible for the first two attacks on Sony's PSN network will this weekend strike (digitally bugger them to shreds, might be a more appropriate line) at Sony's websites to protest at how Sony has got the feds and security services involved.

Don't ask me about the logic of that, or which crew is responsible. But, if you can't access a Sony site this weekend, be it the PSN blogs or, don't be too surprised. What I would expect is some arrests fairly soon because no matter how smart the hackers are, the FBI will have a drop on at least one of them and will want to make a big show of nailing the bad guy(s). Even if that is, ultimately, rather ineffective.

The incoming attack could stop Sony communicating about when the PSN will come back up, but the good news of free games, should keep users checking the service's status. If I was Sony, at this point, I'd be decentralising my servers at high speed, and praying that any of the information stolen in the past attacks isn't going to be unleashed on the public.

Just to think, most hackers do the hack and then blackmail the company nice and quietly for their data back, Sony must be wishing that's what had happened this time.