Sony's NGP - What to Look Out For at E3 Pt.1

This is a tricky one to call as it depends if Sony will want all its partners to Shuttheheckup before its big unveiling on June 6th. Assuming there is some give and take on this, then here's what to look forward to in June:

Konami: 2 June

However, Konami is having its big pre-event in various locations on 2 June with web broadcasts for the rest of us, there's a massive countdown page here, so you don't forget. Hideo Kojima was on-stage at Sony's NGP reveal earlier in the year, but didn't announce any titles, instead showing off Metal Gear 4 assets running on the NGP at around 20fps - a proof of concept if nothing else.

If Konami does get the nod from Sony then we can expect to see a genuine Metal Gear announcement for NGP. Possibly, Metal Gear Solid 5 that will run seamlessly across both PS3 and NGP using Hideo's much-desired cloud-system. Of course, the release date for that is probably to be measured in decades, so there is more likely to be a Peace Walker revamp as well as some Konami staples, like the new Pro Evo Soccer (hopefully also with PS3-NGP interplay) and Silent Hill.

Sony: 6 June

The big one, with hopefully the name, price, release date and region details. I really wouldn't be surprised if there is a delay after all of Japan's troubles so am prepared for that. What I would like to see is:

  • A continuation of the region-free approach taken by the PSP.
  • New IP and plenty of imaginative uses for the touchscreens.
  • Acknowledgement of minis and casual games as a reality.

All the big games we've covered already and it'll be great to see final titles and additional content to make the games like Uncharted and Resistance something beyond just PS3 ports. I'd also expect to see upgraded versions of PSP hits like the two God of War titles and, of course, the odd surprise announcement - personally I'd hope Blizzard will be involved as World of Warcraft in some form could easily be the Western equivalent of the Japanese Monster Hunter phenomenon.

Electronic Arts

EA hasn't announced its event yet, but this has to be big on NGP if Sony is to have the full confidence and backing of major western publishers. EA has supported the PSP with its core annual titles and tried some Medal of Honor and Army of Two to mixed results. But, with some full support (perhaps a little portable Dead Space) and we've already seen the Mass Effect/Battlefield rumours.

Pt. 2 tomorrow.