PSP Stomps on Rivals in Japanese Hardware Charts

Sony's PSP raced ahead in the hardware stakes in Japan over last week, notching up a healthy lead over all rivals. But the PSP Go isn't getting any boost from the announcement that it will soon be out of circulation. PSP sales rose by around a third, but the Xbox managed to nearly quadruple its sales, good stuff!

Media Create's charts are about the only regular idea we get of how consoles are selling and its pathetic you can't get regular information for western markets.

1. PSP: 76,974
2. 3DS: 28,413
3. PS3: 23,954
4. Wii: 10,889
5. DSi LL: 9,235
6. DSi: 7,584
7. X360: 4,082
8. PS2: 1,582
9. DS Lite: 319
10. PSP go: 251