PSN Restoration - Justified Backlash or Whining?

Sony's offer of free games has generated the expected amount of mania online. A couple of posts are trying to sort out the issue. Eurogamer has posted Sony's defence against complaints while MCV puts it all down to whining journalists who get games for free.

Personally, I paid for my PSP games and am pretty happy that there are two more from the list I can get for free. Sure, they aren't what I (or anyone who filled in the poll) expected, but hey, its better than a poke in the eye.

Come to me, my pretty one!

As for the complaining, well it would have been impossible Sony to please everyone, and in the big scheme of things it could have been worse. Time to move on people, or it will be when PSP users can access the store...

Personally, I want to get back to writing about NGP, and playing quirky little minis, this whole thing has dragged on far too long now.