PSN Coming Back Up, No Joy for PSP owners

Sony has started bringing the PlayStation Network back online with limited service. Apparently, so far, the PS3 matchmaking service is up and running after gamers install an update. Checking on my Euro PSP, there is no sign of the store or an update to refresh your password or security.

Kaz is on video, looking rather like a smug overlord, going on about upgraded security and thanking us for our patience. The welcome back package details will be announced by region in the coming days.

Interestingly, the log in has vanished from the PSN blog screen and you have to sign up again, not sure if this is a temporary glitch of the restart or something else, but I'm not creating another account just yet.

The EU PSN blog is down to text only at the moment, so presumably is getting hit pretty hard by visitors, a sign up the interest in things getting back to normal? Or people coming to stone Kaz's message with more angry comments?