Persona 3 Portable Tops the UK PSP Chart

Ghostlight's Persona 3 game has shot to the top of the UK PSP charts, dethroning Final Fantasy IV, FIFA 11 and sitting above other big hitters like Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars. In fact, that's the healthiest the UK PSP chart has looked in some time and while there are no sales numbers next to the games, its all good.

Ghostlight's Ross Brierley has put a blog post celebrating the event and hinting at some possible future titles. Persona 3 Portable is doing pretty well in Amazon's sales chart too, but there are less than 10 copies left if you want one! Go, go, go...

If you want to support Ghostlight's efforts further, when the PSN story comes back up, Aedis Eclipse, is well worth a try if you like Japanese-origin games.