EA Says Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 Going Handheld, But Which Ones?

While announcing improved financials in its quarterly report, EA has added mobile/handheld versions of both Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 to its release list [PDF]. Now, these could be cut-down iPhone games, but they could, thanks to the power of the NGP, be creditable ports that allow you to play the game on your home console and then carry on the adventure on the go.

That's what lots of developers seem to think NGP is capable of, and what Sony is aiming for. Whether it will happen for the first generation of NGP games is rather a big stretch, but if it does happen, it would be awesome (ignoring the having to buy two copies or a special bundle of the game issue).

We probably won't hear the real details until E3, or even later, and it would be cool to think EA has the imagination to try this, or we could just end up with an iPhone on-rails shooter and a 3DS mini-game collection, such are the strange whims of big gaming corporations these days.

EA states, "With Battlefield 3 we are mounting the biggest launch campaign for a game in EA’s history.
We think the franchise is worth it.  We know the opportunity is worth it.  Still, this is a big
commitment of resources." which sounds promising, that game is down for a Q3 release while Mass Effect 3 has already slipped into next year.