Anyone Can Play the NGP Information CV Hunting Game...

Having just posted on the Harry Potter NGP unearthed in CV news, it seemed logical to have a quick go at this digital dumpster diving for ourselves. Not only is it fun for all the family but it rapidly gets you results.

A quick peruse on LinkedIn turns up Scottish company Tag Games who are hiring in a range of positions for phones and handheld games. The company has worked on the Doctor Who games and job adverts mention NGP, so its a good bet something will be coming from them soon. A recent tweet from the company goes a step further with the post:
We just got developer approval for one of the new hand held consoles. Next step get Dev Kits, then port moFlow.
So things are looking pretty good for these guys, have added them to the games/dev page. We'll keep having random prods in various places and see what else this digs up. Points for readers who find new info!