THQ Will Develop for NGP

Over the weekend, THQ confirmed that it will be developing for the NGP. With the launch still a way off, the company hasn't announced any firm plans but looks to be putting some effort behind the new portable.

With the NGP's power, all games are a shoe-in in terms of capability, but for the NGP's pick-up-and-play appeal, a WWE wrestling game would have to be top of the heap. Apart from the mighty Warhammer, THQ's PSP line up otherwise consisted of a few film tie-ins and racing games.

THQ definitely needs to up its game in that respect, but as the company is renowned for supporting devices long into their pension, don't expect radical moves too early in the NGP's life. Still, having just undergone a big rebranding exercise, perhaps the new THQ will be a braver outfit with experimental games and new IP, you never know!