PSP Prices Falling in the UK, NOW!

It looks like the price of the PSP is coming down in the UK to match the cuts across Europe and Australia. Tesco has slashed the price of a PSP-3000 to £99 from £149, its the red model, but that's okay right? For reference, the piano black 3000 model is £125 while a white PSPGo is £145.

This might just be Tesco having a spring sale or it could be them getting ahead of a formal announcement from Sony UK. Either way expect cheaper PSPs elsewhere soon as others follow suit. Which can only be good news, what with most PSP games being pretty cheap either new or second hand, or even on the PSN store.

Having had a look around, Sainsbury's is only selling the PSPGo at £225, Game has PSP-3000s in for £130 with HMV doing them for £142. If you know of anywhere with them (new) as cheap or cheaper, let us know.