PSP Getting a Bollywood Game...

... hey, why not! India is a booming market. The story from the Telegraph newspaper [via Spong] says that Agent Vinod, a James Bondish action flick, and a superhero game,, are being produced by Sony for the PSP.

The original Agent Vinod film is from 1982 but there's a remake in the works (starring the very bing in Bollywood Kareena Kapoor) so, it could be timely and a great way to get a specific market interested in the PSP.

I know there are quite a few Indian software houses churning out games for the western market, but its only a matter of time before they start digging into their own culture. Personally, I've always wanted some more cross-cultural games, the French used to do some great stuff (Captain Blood) and I'm sure the Koreans could do some mental reworkings of some of their horror movies!

What's your favourite foreign-based and themed game (Outside of the UK, US and Japan)?