PSP Due For A Golden Summer?

With last week's news of a PSP price cut in Europe and a reduction this week for the PSP Go in Australia plus price cuts to the game ranges and a raft of great titles on the way, is the PlayStation Portable about to have an Indian Summer?

There's no need to go into how well the console is doing in Japan, dominating both hardware and software charts (Dissidia 012 was the biggest selling game in the country in March). But various software and hardware forces are aligning in other territories to give the console a last push.

Sure, a lot of these games are Monster Hunter wannabes (White Knight Chronicles, Phantasy Star Portable Infinity, Lord of Arcana) but there is still plenty of potential with The 3rd Birthday, Persona 3, MHP3, Lego Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, Patapon 3 plus the PSOne releases. So, while it might not get rid of the also-ran tag, it could help build a firm base for NGP adoption and help improve developer confidence.