PSN Downtime: No Where To Go and No One To Shoot

Not only and tens of millions of gamers not playing online or buying stuff, but real developers who rely on PSN being up are losing revenue. An IndustryGamers piece, highlights the not-exactly-plight of PixelJunk creators Q-Games who will suffer if gamers lose confidence in the PSN service once it does come back up.

Then there's all the folks who brought SOCOM, Portal 2 and other multiplayer-heavy titles that have no where to go and no one shoot. Reviewers who get their code through download codes will also be missing out (was hoping to do Persona 3 this week, but that looks unlikely).

All of which means Sony will have a real struggle on its hands to repair the image of PSN, as well as make the service bulletproof in future. The very latest from Sony is a decidedly unhelpful:

 "There are a number of sources speculating on the nature of the PSN issue and ETA's but there has been no official feedback on this as yet"