NGP Likely to be Delayed Into 2012

[UPDATED] - There is a now a report in the Tokyo press that this isn't the case, so perhaps we will see NGP in 2011, either way it just looks silly when branches of the same company contradict each other. Hard to say what the exact meaning of the Japanese message is... any guesses?

Well, it doesn't really come as a surprise, a tenuous hint at a western release in 2011 was all we ever got and that was before the devastation that hit Japan. So, it looks like we'll be seeing the handheld god of gaming this time next year, according to Sony's Jack Tretton.

Its only fair that Japan gets it first, being as bonkers as they are for the PSP (best selling console of any type in 2010). Whereas I was happy to import a PSP, don't think it'll be happening this time due to all the location-based services and infrastructure being very different.

What that will give is developers a few months longer to polish their games and come up with some new tricks and polish for the rear-panel and NGP's other features. Talking of 2012, Sony has big plans which will be revealed at e3. Until then, expect a developer to leak news of any delays within the next week or so.

To tide us over, I wonder if there will be a further price cut on the PSP, or perhaps the Go will actually gets its price drop done properly.