Resident Evil Remastered - NGP please!!!

The utterly brilliant news that Resident Evil: Code Veronica and (to a lesser extent) Resident Evil 4 are being redone on PS3 and Xbox360 is great. However, if the NGP is so powerful, then it can handle them no problem and I think Capcom would make a lot of people happy if these games could make it over to the NGP for some seriously zombified-launch antics.

I loved Code Veronica on the Dreamcast, it was the first time I'd seen the series in anything like a decent resolution and it was an awesome gaming experience. So, come on Capcom - do the decent thing and drop them on NGP too.

On the very day we get the original PSone game on PSN, it looks like the gaming would could fall in love with its best zombie series again (ignoring Resident Evil 5) and it would prove how easy converting those living-room console experiences down to the dinky screen can be.