Grand Knights History - Something Big for PSP

Marvelous and Vanillaware are planning something big for the PSP, judging by the splash made on the Japanese sites with the announcement of Grand Knights History. A turn-based, party role-playing game, it is due out in the summer.

Teasingly, Andria Sang reports that the game will cater for "infinite players," which could involve some sort of off-screen server mode, although it can support one to four players in regular multiplayer.

There doesn't appear to be a website or screens available yet, but if Vanillaware is behind it then expect it to look beautiful. Maybe, maybe if we all pray very hard, and are extra-good, it could get a western release.

Also from Famitsu is confirmation of a remake of Oreshika, a PSone remake. Plus, a new game from Atlas and Sting, Gloria Union, an update on Yggdra Union the tactical rpg battle game. Basically, if you love JPRGs, its Christmas come early.