PSP2/NGP - Who's Developing What?

There were odd scenes after the unveiling of the PSP2 last week. Big name developers all shrugged when asked what was happening with their finest, biggest-brand, products were glowing on the small screen.

Now things are becoming a little clearer. However, will these be all new games or uprated versions of the existing titles with a few extra missions/levels/costumes to attract the PS3 crowd?

The Killzone project is being developed by Sony Cambridge in conjunction with Guerrilla Games.
Uncharted is being developed by Sony Bend instead of original developers Naughty Dog.
Resistance is being developed by Nihilistic, not Insomniac.
Call of Duty is not being developed by Treyarch, no word on who is.

Most of the Japanese studios seem to be hanging on to their own franchises.