PSP Price Cut, But Where's the Rest?

Sony US has announced an official PSP-3000 price cut down to $129 from the weekend with bundles down to $159. Which is good, but what about the PSPGo? That's the machine I'd like to pick up - news on that being cheaper would be good, but at the moment its still $199.

Alas, in Europe, Sony has nothing to announce on any front, although it probably has plans, a £99 PSP would sell a fair few. Plus, there has to be some innovative marketing left in the cunning plan cupboard? Interestingly Sony has said, "PSP has been performing particularly well in Europe so far this year" which must come as a bit of a pleasant surprise.

So, we enter the final phase of the PSP's active life, with just a few hit games to come in the roster before it mooches off into budget, cash-in and franchise release-only territory. Surely when it hits that sad point, Sony can let go control and make it homebrew friendly?