NGP Pricing from $250 Potential Leak

This was translated directly from a French site, so don't shoot me if its rubbish:


So according to the internal source, the price will be very aggressive: the NPM WiFi model would be marketed at a price ranging between 250 and 280 dollars, that's between 220 and 250 € including VAT.

The NGP 3G , meanwhile, would be provided at a rate between 320 and 350 dollars , or between 280 and 305 € including VAT. For this price, moreover, some applications will be preloaded: augmented reality applications mainly.

It should be noted that, overall, prices are advertised in the same range as those seen on Gamestop. Is this a good sign?

See the original here:

UPDATE - Having tracked it back to source, this looks less and less realistic, in fact - thinking back to some of our own posts - it is unlikely that Sony would know the final price yet, as components are still to be finalised. As you were!