Tekken Dev Says He Wants to do Tekken on NGP

The esteemed Harada Katsuhiro, producer of the Tekken series, posted in a tweet that he in interested in developing the game for the PSP2.

I want develop for 3DS and NGP(PSP2). But still considering.

The series did pretty well in two outings on the PSP and was one of the better looking games on the platform. It is good to see the head honchos taking an interest and making public statements about the NGP already, I'll have to look and see who else is murmuring about developing games for it.

But how could they use the unique PSP2 features like the rear touchpad to enchance the experience?

I supposed location-based punches and kicks would be a good move, based on where you tap...

It could also add a match-making service over the location-based system

Otherwise, just port the game already and let the punching commence