PSP2 Launch Event Rumoured in Japan

January 27 is the day to book off school or work if multiple rumours [VG24/7 among others] are to be believed. So, just two weeks to see exactly how many horses this beast has under its sleek shell and what kind of storage, shop and other essentials it packs.

[UPDATE] - The event is confirmed and is to be called "PlayStation Meeting."

Basically, this device needs to be a:

  • PS3-class gaming machine
  • Playable on big and small screen
  • Vast catalogue of emulators and games
  • High quality store with good price range
  • New IP games to encourage western multiplayer gaming (get the HMP effect going)

That also leaves two weeks for some more leakage to occur, but Sony are doing a better job than Sony Ericsson of keeping this thing largely under wraps.

So, expect a very late night on the 27th if this turns out to be true and a lot of hectic translation. Any one know how much a ticket to Tokyo is these days?

What else do you think Sony should have in the bag to make this a success?