PSP Phone Specifications Outlined

Just to clarify, the details for the PSP Phone are as follows: (nicked off various Chinese sites) and I've added some links to the components so you can take a closer peek.

Actual Name: Xperia Play
Launch: Around April 2011
Price: $499.99 (¥45,000)

OS: Android 2.3
GPU: NVIDIA Kepler (which wasn't due out until 2H11, so someone got a wiggle on, or the leaked date is wrong)
CPU: Adreno 205 - this is also a GPU, so the leaker is all over the place here, or translation is failing.
RAM: 512MB
Memory: 512MB

External storage: MicroSD

The following translated text also rambles on, if you can figure out a clear meaning, good luck:

PlayStationStore only available for download to PSP, such as titles and HomeBrew Apps
Adopted as the main display touch screen Android can do, similar to smart phones
PSP is equipped with a standard emulator, PSP compatible emulation by invoking Title
Launch in February at Mobile World Congress officially announced