Our Survey Says: PSP2 Price Poll Results Are In

Earlier in the week [here] and on a couple of forums, I ran a poll asking people what they would pay for a PSP2 from a range of prices. The results are in and, based on a highly unscientific sample of 72 responses, the most popular price is £300 or £189. With over well over 50% of the vote.

I think that a lot of those gamers will be unhappy, given the high cost of all the technology that's supposed to be in the PSP2. But, for Sony's benefit, at least 10% of voters are prepared to pay up to $500 or £310. Of course, if it goes on-sale in phone shops on a contract, then initial pricing could be irrelevant - but frankly, if Sony has listened to the market, then PSP2 will be premium priced - but not insane.

Thanks to everyone who voted. If you didn't, what do you think it'll launch at? Let us know!