MMOs to power the future of PSP2 and PS3?

Sony has made some comments today to trade mag MCV that gamers want more MMOs and online adventuring play in their lives. Now the PS3 is a given with DC Universe making a reasonable start.

Compared to more mature PC games like EverQuest II, EVE Online and others that have been around for years, it shows its lack of breadth and depth that it will evolve over time. However, the big question is - will there be a PSP2 edition so gamers can carry their heroes around on the go.

Or, take the engine and trim it down for the PSP2 platform and offer a more traditional MMO RPG that could become to America and Europe what the Monster Hunter franchise is in Japan. There are plenty of unloved developers at the moment, even old hands from Blizzard (the World of Warcraft geniuses) who know their way around the MMO scene, in need of a job and Sony has the budget and power to create the right universe and game for massive success, just a thought!