Even Engadget's Preview Can't Reveal PSP Phone's Secrets

So, Engadget got themselves a PSP Phone (Xperia Play). But even their technical prowess can't get them inside the real power of the machine, reduced to playing only a couple of Emulators and Android games.

So, the power inside this beast, that is now showing some roaring benchmarks according to the post, remains hidden until Sony unlocks its own special little store and the rest of the PSP part of the equation. A mild round of applause to Sony Ericsson for keeping that part well wrapped up, so that even with the inevitable leak, it still has a bag of tricks for the real launch.

Still, as an Android model it looks like the only one a real game player would want and that alone should see it do pretty well in a bustling market. Bring on tomorrow, or Mobile World Conference in Feb when the final unit gets the big unveiling.

As for Engadget, they've done little more than the many Chinese leakers, only providing some better quality pics. Quite a poor show for such a 'big' site.