Monday, March 11, 2019

The joys of a Vita with a US PSN account

Having stuck to the EU PSN since launch, getting a second Vita and tying it to the US PSN store has come as a breath of fresh air.

The US store is updated more efficiently and regularly than the EU version, making Sony Europe look like a bunch of slackers.

Prices are better (but remember you pay tax on US purchases, if you put some states in) so getting a $10 card means you can't afford a $9.99 game. Talking of, I found the simplest way to get US PSN credit is via eBay, plenty of people are selling US store vouchers and will email the code instantly (give or take time zones).  That's easier than monkeying around with Amazon or trying to use your EU PayPal account (and likely failing).

Note, use Wyoming, Alaska, Texas, Washington, Florida, Nevada or South Dakota to avoid paying tax on games.

Then there's the games that aren't on the EU store from classics like the PSOne Chrono Trigger, PSP's Ridge Racer, old Vita titles like New Little King Story and newer indies where the publisher can't afford the costly PEGI rating certificate like Ghoulboy.

And, as more games start to vanish from stores, being able to grab them from elsewhere might prove useful. I'll start to compile a list of differences (below), but do comment if you know of any major omissions or goodies on either store.

Even so, the likes of NFL, MLB The Show and others have already vanished from the US store (despite having placeholders), if you were thinking it would be a useful repository for sports fans.

As with so much Vita stuff, this is probably not news to most of you, but anyone buying second or third units to protect their investment might find spending time on the US store (or Japan or other Asian market) worth while.

Found on US PSN, not on EU!

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
CyberBots: Full Metal Madness
Legend of Mana
Mass Destruction
Parasite Eve
Soviet Strike

Ridge Racer
Namco Museum Collections (1 to 5)
Soldier Blade

PS Vita
The Amazing Spider Man
Desert Ashes
DJMAX Technika Tune
Aisling's Quest
New Little King Story

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