Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Deer God is Red Art's final Vita physical

The end is creeping up as the last rush of Vita physicals get ordered and roll out the factory gates before Sony's spring cut off point. Red Art has provided collectors with a curious mix including The Bard’s Tale, Ice Cream Surfer, Demetrios, Bit Dungeon + and Riddled Corpses EX.

All have value and hopefully have found homes with real Vita collectors, not the resellers. The French publisher’s teams final contribution to Vita collectibles is The Deer God, with a 2,000 copy print run for €25. A 3D pixel art adventure, it has you solving puzzles and avoiding the hunters while exploring a vast and wonderfully curious world, all soundtracked by Evan Gipson.

Note, the publisher and developer are looking into remaining gameplay issues including slowdown, bugs and crashes that still affect the PSN version.

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