Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vita's design is still ahead of the game!

ASUS' Republic of Gamers "ROG" Gaming phone is a new kid on the portable fun block. And boy did its designers not have a damn clue. There's a cooling fan option, a super-size 3DS-style chunky case and then the turd on the cake, worse-than-Nintendo Switch side controllers. All shameful additions as the actual phone looks pretty cutting-edge.

Sure, between these three kludges, Android gaming fans might find a suitable way to play whatever it is that Android gamers play. But, seriously, Sony proved themselves way ahead of the game when it came to style and design with the PSP and Vita.

Just imagine a new launch Vita, slightly thicker for the modern GPU and cooling, with HD OLED, quad triggers, wireless streaming to HDTV and whatever else they could cram in without the hilarious Nintendo-style Joy-Cons (which I still can't come to love). So, yep Sony might have misread the market, and ballsed up everything else, but they designed one hell of a device!

The odd thing is, as Sony has dumped Vita, why didn't ASUS license or buy the design, uprate the hardware, making case changes as needed and run a dual OS Vita/Android system? They have form for Windows/Android devices and other hybrids, so why not?

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