Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Liar Princess and the Blind Prince stumble into the Japanese chart

The latest Media Create chart sees a pretty-much honours-even battle, given the disparity in user base. That's as Liar Princess and the Blind Prince manages to sell just over 6,400 each on the PS4 at No. 10 and the Switch at No. 11 in the latest chart, with the Vita version not far behind at 4,500 sales.

As PS4 sells about 6X as many consoles and Switch a whopping 20X many units per week, that's not bad at all. Digital sales could be quite high for this cutely dark adventure, hope to see some word from Nippon Ichi soon.

On the hardware front, Vita sales remain locked in the low 2Ks, nudging up 100 but nothing to write home about. Still, rather have them creeping up slowly than continuing to drift down. Out this week is Fate/Extella Link, which should do some bigger business on all formats.

As for last week's Persona new entries, all gone, poof! Suspect that's the end of that spin-off idea!

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