Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kemco's Antiquia Lost finds its way to Vita today

Its been a quiet few weeks on PSN as everyone takes a breath after May's spectacular releases. But the ball starts rolling again today with the arrival of Antiquia Lost from Kemco. A classic-style RPG, its Cross Buy with the PS4 version, it costs 14.99 euros, with PS Plus users getting a 20% discount for first two weeks! (£11.99, £9.59 discounted)

I can't see the game on the Vita store yet, but the web store has it here, and there's already a bunch of IAPs that make the game easier, at a modest cost.

The story of Antiquia Lost revolves around Bine, a young man who lives in a small rural village. He spends his days peacefully, doing jobs and dealing with demons for the villagers. One day, he is asked by Lunaria, a girl who lives near the village, to go with her to the royal capital, and so their adventure beings, full of the usual allies, skills, magic and skulduggery-dealing enemies.

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